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What are the common misconceptions about dog bite injuries? Here are some common misconceptions and mistakes you should avoid to present the best possible damage claim. Contact a Las Vegas dog bite injury lawyer right now to arrange a consultation to find out more information or to go over the particulars of your case.

An injury lawyer can help you with the claims procedure and avoid pitfalls and obstacles, including the ones listed below. You might also get help from a dog bite attorney in Las Vegas in gathering evidence regarding your case.


Common Misconceptions About Dog Bite Injuries

Although few people anticipate being bitten by a dog, it does happen. It’s a potentially scary and upsetting thing. A lot of people have misconceptions about dog bite cases. These are a few common (and untrue) misconceptions regarding dog bite injuries.

Every Dog That Bites Is Vicious

Every Dog That Bites Is Vicious

It’s natural to believe that a dog is vicious once it has bitten you. That may not be the case, though. Even well-mannered and friendly dogs may bite in response to fear or startle. For example, if you approach a dog you don’t know, it may feel intimidated and lash out at you.


Dog Bites Don’t Cause Disease

That is also untrue. Dogs may tear your skin when they bite you. That can raise your chances of catching an infection, potentially rabies. For this reason, you must get emergency medical assistance right away. A doctor or nurse should evaluate your dog bite wound and suggest the best action.


Dog Owners Are Responsible for Their Own Dog Bite Injuries

You might need to decide whether to file an injury claim if the dog’s owner was a friend or family member. After all, you may feel bad for the person if they have to bear all those expenses out of their own wallet. You can relax by knowing the dog owner won’t be responsible for the expenses. As the attorneys at Dog Bite King Law Group can attest, the homeowner’s insurance policy will most likely pay for the expenses.

Run Away if a Dog Approaches You Aggressively

Run Away if a Dog Approaches You Aggressively

Even though it might be your natural reaction to run if an aggressive dog approaches you, doing so is not a wise decision. You might urge the dog to chase after you. Instead, keep your composure, avoid eye contact with the dog, and stay still. Curl up on the ground into a ball if the dog attacks you.


Dogs Always Bite Or Growl Before Biting

It’s a frequent misconception about dog bites. The truth is there might be far more subdued indications that a dog gets ready to bite. It’s actually not uncommon for dogs to yawn, stiffen up, and shake just before they bite. Leave a dog alone if it is displaying those signs.


Dog Bites Usually Happen with Strange Dogs

Not every time. The possibility of being bitten by a friend’s or relative’s dog is higher. Always give a dog a sniff before trying to pet it when you visit a friend or family member’s house.


The Most Common Mistakes in Dog Bite Injury Cases

Among the most common mistakes is waiting until the end of the process to contact a Las Vegas dog bite attorney. Sometimes, after receiving collection calls regarding their medical bills as well as the statute of limitations having nearly expired, people decide to contact a lawyer. That is a major issue in Las Vegas. You may have already missed the deadline to file because of a two-year statute of limitations. It will still be necessary to prove the cause or connection of the damage, even if you prefer waiting six or eight months, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions. It only makes proving causation much more challenging. If you are injured in an area where you already have medical conditions, it is vital to record the precise cause of your present injuries as quickly as possible. When a dog bites your hand, and you develop carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, part of your limited motion may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and the dog bite. The quicker you seek medical attention, the easier it is for the doctor to diagnose the cause of your dog bite injuries, and the quicker a lawyer can start building your case. Delay in getting help is a serious issue.

Furthermore, some people choose not to seek medical attention after a dog bite. Although all dogs must receive rabies vaccinations, there is always some risk. Certain dog owners choose not to vaccinate their pets. Dogs can also carry some diseases. Regardless of how minor the injury appears, it would be best to get medical attention as dog bites may be prone to infection. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible is an important task.

Not only do these two mistakes occur frequently, but hiding facts or information from your lawyer that is pertinent to the case is another common mistake. Dog bite cases are already complex. Therefore, the lawyer needs to have every bit of information possible. It will only damage your case if you withhold facts regarding who was there, what you did before it happened, or any other relevant information.


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You must understand your legal rights and the state’s dog bite lawsuit laws if you’re considering suing a dog owner for a bite. Speaking with an experienced dog bite lawyer in Las Vegas can help you make the right decisions as we advance and ensure you receive the just compensation.

Dog Bite King Law Group offers excellent expertise in defending people who have suffered severe and persistent dog bites. We can offer you the all-encompassing legal assistance and advocacy required to pursue an effective outcome.

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