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How to win a dog bite case? Every year, dog bites cause pain to 4.5 million Americans. Of these, over 850,000 require critical medical attention. Children make up around 50% of the people bitten. 

You might be eligible for compensation if a dog bite injured you or your child. Your compensation chances increase when you consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Most dog bite cases aren’t simple cases. Contact the legal professionals at Dog Bite King Law Group for a free case evaluation to learn more about your options.


Nevada Dog Bite Laws

Nevada’s laws regarding dog bites are confusing. A statewide statute that would help control dog bite incidents does not exist.

Las Vegas One Bite Rule

One-Bite Rule

The one-bite rule says that dog owners cannot be held liable for their dog’s initial bite unless they show clear negligence. It is predicated on the idea that a dog owner need not be aware that their dog is a vicious biter.


After the First Bite

After the first bite, obtaining compensation gets simpler. The dog’s classification determines the settlement amount.

  • Vicious dogs – It is illegal to own a vicious dog in Nevada. In many cases, a personal injury case involving a vicious dog bite is straightforward.
  • Dangerous dogs – When owning a dangerous dog, one must abide by the municipal code in their area. For example, in Las Vegas, it involves purchasing $50,000 in liability insurance.

Even if our state lacks a governing statute for dog bite incidents, treating a dog bite is essential. You often want expert legal representation to establish negligence and obtain financial compensation.


Proving Negligence in a Dog Bite Case

You must establish the other party’s fault to obtain damages in personal injury cases involving dog bite incidents. Typically, it involves demonstrating four things:

The dog owner’s legal responsibility is to take precautions to keep the dog safe. Typically, this includes:

  • Using a muzzle or leash.
  • Installing fences and gates to keep the dog within the property.
  • Keep an eye on the dog as it plays with others, especially the kids.
  • Intervening if a dog exhibits aggressive behavior.
  • Following local animal control laws.

You may win a dog bite lawsuit if you demonstrate that the dog owner’s negligence caused your injuries. The one-bite rule states that you might have to provide evidence that the dog attacked in the past.

Obtaining evidence of prior bites might be challenging. The Las Vegas dog bite attorney could help with that. The attorney is skilled at gathering evidence, locating documents, and obtaining expert witness statements to demonstrate prior dog owner violations.


How to Win a Dog Bite Case

You stand a strong chance of winning a dog bite lawsuit if the dog owner’s negligence caused the injuries that resulted from the bite. Here are some steps to increase your chances of receiving just compensation.


Identify the Dog Owner

The owner’s identity is the most crucial information to prove in a dog bite case. To file a claim following a dog bite injury, you will require the following details:

  • The owner’s name (or keeper’s name, if the dog was being cared for by someone else at the time that caused the attack)
  • The owner or keeper’s contact information and address
  • The dog’s owner or caretaker’s renters insurance or homeowners

It will be easy to find out if the dog who bit you belongs to a friend, neighbor, or family member. But without the help of an expert, it can be challenging to figure out who is at fault if you get bitten by an unfamiliar dog whose owner or caretaker is not around.


Collect Evidence

Make sure you gather as much information as you can regarding the behavior of the dog when it bites you. You can record the whole scene with photos or videos. It could support your argument if you tape any of the dog’s aggressive behaviors.

Make sure to obtain any eyewitnesses’ contact information if there is any. Their proof can be essential to resolving a dog bite lawsuit. Finding these folks later may only be possible if you have their phone numbers immediately.


Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

You need to get treated immediately, even if the bite is minor. After the bite, symptoms of more serious issues (like rabies) might not appear immediately. Not receiving treatment could have adverse consequences.

If you promptly record them, it will be simpler to demonstrate in court that the legal duty breach resulted in your injuries.

As soon as you receive medical treatment, document every expense. It will be required to calculate the extent of your damages.

Dog Bite Lawyer Las Vegas Nevada

Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer

Should a dog bite result in injuries, you can be eligible for significant non-economic (like pain and suffering) and economic (like lost wages and medical expenses) compensation. Damage recovery can be complicated. Consider working with a dog bite lawyer in Las Vegas to increase your chances of receiving the compensation you are entitled to. They can:

  • Collect evidence
  • Obtain testimony from witness
  • Prove negligence
  • Evaluate your damages
  • Deal with the insurance company or the defendant’s lawyers in a negotiation.
  • Support you throughout the case.

The dog owner’s attorney will attempt to disprove your claims by demonstrating that you aggressively behaved against the owner or provoked the dog. You could lose the case if you don’t have a dog bite lawyer on your side.

After the dog bite, don’t put off calling an attorney for too long. The more proof the attorney can gather, the quicker they can get to work on your case. In contrast, Nevada has a two-year statute of limitations from the attack date for pursuing a dog bite claim.


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You might be entitled to compensation if your child or a dog bites you. In Nevada, proving negligence during a dog bite lawsuit might be difficult. Think about working with a dog bite injury lawyer to increase your chances of winning the case.

Our team of expert dog bite lawyers at Dog Bite King Law Group is always prepared to assist you in defending your financial rights. Please get in touch with us whenever it’s convenient for more information.