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Dog bites can occur suddenly and with catastrophic consequences. However, what should you do if a dog bite seriously injures you or a loved one? Moving on might be tempting, particularly if you’re familiar with the dog owner or are concerned about the dog’s future.

However, there may be serious consequences if a dog bite is not reported to the authorities and animal control.

Following an attack, the Dog Bite King Law Group team helps families of victims of dog bites get well. This blog post will discuss what happens if you don’t report a dog bite and Las Vegas dog bite laws. 


Legal Obligations for Reporting Dog Bites

Reporting dog bites is an important responsibility, and it’s crucial to understand the legal obligations that come with it. When a dog bite occurs, there are typically three main areas to consider:


Reporting to Local Authorities

In many places, local laws and regulations require dog bites to be reported to the appropriate authorities, such as the local animal control or health department. The purpose of reporting is to ensure public safety and prevent the potential spread of diseases like rabies. Failure to report a dog bite can lead to legal consequences.


Medical Attention and Records

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial. It ensures that the dog bite injury is treated correctly and generates medical records of the incident, which may be necessary for any potential legal claims or disputes.


Liability and Legal Consequences

Depending on local laws and the incident’s circumstances, the dog’s owner involved in the bite may have legal responsibility. Dog owners can be held liable for the actions of their pets, and victims of dog bites may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. That might involve a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim.


It’s essential to consult with a dog bite lawyer or local authorities to understand your area’s specific laws and regulations regarding dog bites. The consequences of not reporting a dog bite can vary widely. Reporting dog bites helps protect the safety and well-being of the community and ensures that those affected receive the necessary care and support.


Dog Attacks Are Too Common

Dog bite rates are grim despite our love for animals. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), around 4.7 million dog bite injuries occur annually in the United States. Additionally, more than 1,000 individuals daily require urgent medical treatment for dog bite injuries.

Sadly, children account for most dog bite victims and are significantly more likely to suffer serious injuries that need medical attention. 

Dog Bite in Las Vegas

Dog Bite Laws in Las Vegas

State laws on dog bites differ. Furthermore, negligent dog owners who fail to protect people against their aggressive pets may be held liable in civil and criminal court.

The dog bite attorney at Dog Bite King Law Group represents people in Las Vegas. These are the basics of personal injury law relevant to each state.


Can Criminal Charges Be Filed Against a Dog Owner Following a Bite?

If a dog bites someone in Las Vegas, its owner may be fined and jailed. In contrast to personal injury lawsuits, these rules are meant to punish negligent owners rather than makeup for injuries sustained.


The “One Bite” Rule Is Applied In Personal Injury Cases In Las Vegas

If a dog’s owner in Las Vegas “knew or should have known” that their pet would bite or attack someone, they might be held legally responsible. The law, sometimes known as the “one bite” rule, shields liable dog owners with no reason to believe their pet was hostile or dangerous.

The “one bite” restriction is not strict, though. For a dog owner to understand that their pet is dangerous, the dog doesn’t need to attack. The following inappropriate behavior may also support a dog bite lawsuit in Las Vegas:

  • Nipping or biting other dogs
  • Nipping or biting other people
  • Chasing animals or people in a menacing way
  • Actions that could give someone the impression that they were going to be attacked

This analysis is complex. A dog that barks is probably insufficient evidence that its behavior is harmful. However, a Las Vegas dog bite case might be supported if the dog has a history of menacingly lunging at people.

For a no-obligation, free case evaluation or consultation, contact our law firm if you’re unsure if you have a dog bite case.


Nevada Applies Strict Liability For Personal Injury Cases

Nevada’s strict laws are beneficial to dog bite victims. Dog owners are solely responsible for the harm that dogs cause. It implies that even in cases where the dog hasn’t ever displayed violence in the past, you may still bring a lawsuit and seek damages for your injuries.

The state’s laws on comparative negligence will still be in effect, though. Therefore, the injured party’s settlement would be lowered if it were a contributing factor in the incident—for instance, by provoking the dog.

Why must you Report a Dog Bite?

There are several reasons for reporting a dangerous or aggressive dog to the authorities.


Not Reporting Results In Less Evidence

You lose essential documentation to bolster a personal injury claim when you fail to report a dog bite. Even though it might not seem necessary, reporting to a friend or neighbor’s dog immediately creates a paper trail. 

  • Documents the events as you see them and the timeline. 
  • Describes the circumstances that preceded the incident 
  • Proves the bite occurred 
  • Creates a formal record 
  • Preserves evidence 

You must call the authorities and get medical help to avoid further challenges. A formal report will be essential documentation to assist you in getting your damage back. In general, if the timeline or location of the events cannot be established, a dog owner may argue that you need to provide more proof to support your claims.

Furthermore, you might need help getting the money you’re after from the dog owner’s insurance company, who might decide that because you didn’t report the bite, your injuries were better than you claimed. 


Your Compensation Is Affected

Filing a dog bite report can help you with obtaining compensation. Those chances of recovery may suffer if there isn’t a report. Recognizing how the dog bite has affected your life could take a long time. You’ll begin to experience medical expenses, long-term lifestyle adjustments, and job loss. Through an insurance claim or a lawsuit, you may be able to recover some of these damages. The following cannot be documented without the injury report:

  • Evidence
  • Proves the bite took place
  • Your narrative of the attack
  • An official record

You can still file a lawsuit or make an insurance claim without an official report. It will, however, make the healing process more difficult. If you need help recovering financially, the best person to talk to is a Las Vegas dog bite lawyer.


Your Claim May Be Rejected By The Insurance Company And Negligent Parties

Your injury claim is supported by less evidence because you don’t have a report. It also implies that the other side is in control. The insurance company will use your failure to report the injury as evidence of minor injuries. They will contend that you do not require medical care or compensation. The insurance company may also raise concerns regarding other matters, such as:

  • The bite’s timeline
  • If there is a bite
  • Your case value
  • If you require medical treatment

You should be ready to argue about all aspects if you don’t report your dog bite injuries. It could get too much to handle and stressful. You may believe that justice will never be served. It is more difficult for the opposing side to refute a report that you have.


You Could Put At Risk To Others

Because they fear what may occur to the dog, many individuals are reluctant to report dog attacks and bites to the police. You may be even more reluctant to report the occurrence if you were bitten by a friend’s or family member’s dog. On the other hand, reporting a dog bite to the police aids state and municipal authorities in enforcing dog bite laws and might help avert more attacks. 

An investigation to ascertain if the dog appears dangerous or violent will begin upon reporting a dog bite to animal control and municipal authorities. The owner must ensure that all required steps are in place to prevent the dog from hurting other people if it is deemed dangerous. The owner might have to: 

  • Use appropriate care when in public.
  • Display warning signs outside of their house
  • Obtain liability insurance and registration for dangerous dogs. 

The process aims to shield other people from possible attacks by the dog by taking these steps to guarantee that it won’t hurt anyone again. 

Dog Bite Attorney Las Vegas

Dangerous Dog Laws

Various nuances in dangerous dog laws might affect the dog and the owner. When animal control determines a dog is dangerous, the procedure will begin. That may occur during an investigation or following a dog bite. The animal control officer will impound the dog if they find it dangerous.

After that, they will inform the owner and the court of their intentions. After reviewing the circumstances, the court will decide whether restrictions are to apply and whether the dog is harmful. There will be a deadline for owners to follow these rules. If they don’t, they will be fined about $1,000 for each day of violation.

The dog being put down is another possible outcome. It occurs when a dog is deemed vicious after inflicting severe injuries on an unprovoked dog bite victim. It may also apply if the dog is a formal dog-fighting ring member. It is an uncommon outcome that nobody wants to happen. A dangerous or nasty dog will react considerably differently from the first time it attacks someone.

But each case is unique, so you should get advice from a Las Vegas dog bite lawyer.


Common Dog Bites Injuries

Medical treatment may be somewhat involved, particularly if you require surgery, physical therapy, or counseling to deal with the trauma of the experience. Dog bites can cause serious injuries, such as: 

  • Skin avulsions 
  • Facial lacerations 
  • Puncture wounds 
  • Compound fractures 
  • Scarring 
  • Nerve damage 
  • Disfigurement 

Not only may a dog bite cause injuries, but their mouths harbor over 600 different kinds of bacteria. Even slight bites can spread potentially fatal diseases, including tetanus, rabies, and antibiotic-resistant MRSA. However, not all of these bacteria can infect humans. 

If the injuries are more severe than anticipated, there may be high replacement expenses. According to data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the average cost of a hospital stay connected to a dog bite is approximately $20,000 per person and requires a stay of longer than three days for rehabilitation. Following a dog bite incident, you can recover your losses by pursuing a dog bite lawsuit or insurance claim if you are confronted with unforeseen medical expenses and lost wages. 


What to Do After a Dog Bite?

Experiencing a dog bite can be a frightening and painful situation, but knowing what to do next is crucial for your well-being. Here are some steps to take after a dog bite:


Call 911 And Work With The Authorities

Call 911 right away if someone requires emergency medical attention. Emergency medical personnel should get to the injured person as quickly as possible. Animal control and police are also typically called to the location by emergency dispatch.

The authorities may help you submit an incident report detailing the events leading up to the dog attack. If you choose to submit a personal injury claim, this document can be very persuasive evidence.


Get Medical Treatment Immediately

You should treat your injuries seriously, even if they appear “minor.” It’s advisable to contact a doctor even if first-aid measures like applying pressure that stops bleeding and meticulously cleaning bite and puncture wounds can help with certain problems.

Dog bites are susceptible to infection; therefore, using an antibiotic ointment alone might not be the solution. Furthermore, you may not realize how serious your injury is—dog bites can result in nerve damage, scarring, deformity, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A doctor can handle these problems, which could result in a quicker and more complete recovery. Additionally, medical records can help juries, judges, and personal injury attorneys appreciate your case’s severity if you sustained permanent harm.


Collect Important Evidence and Information

Following a dog bite incident, you should gather as much information as possible. In this way, the authorities and your lawyers can get an accurate understanding of what transpired and who exactly is responsible.

Try your hardest to get the evidence that follows:

  • The dog owner’s contact details and name
  • The dog’s history of vaccinations (pertaining to your treatment)
  • Pictures of the injuries and the scene of the dog attack
  • Any witness names, contact information (phone number and address)


Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s traumatizing to be mauled and attacked by a dog. An expert personal injury lawyer knows how to build a solid case to support your claim, allowing you to concentrate on improving. 


Statute Of Limitations

The statute of limitations on other types of claims differs slightly from the time frame within which a dog bite victim in Nevada must submit a claim. After the animal bites, a person has six years to bring legal action against the person who was the animal’s owner, caretaker, or harborer at the time of the incident. The period is more extended for children. A minor has six years after turning eighteen to bring legal action.

It does not imply you have much time to file a dog bite lawsuit if you think you have a strong case. Your dog bite attorney in Las Vegas will tell you that the earlier you take action, the better, as there is much work to be done and evidence to gather before you can effectively pursue this kind of claim.

What A Skilled Attorney Can Do For You?

If you choose to work with our law firm, your knowledgeable dog bite attorney will:

  • Prepare and submit all essential documents for the lawsuit and claim.
  • Conduct an investigation, gather any incident reports, medical records, and supporting documentation, and speak with every eye witness.
  • Hire experts in their field to help with investigation, evaluation, and report preparation.
  • Get and examine insurance policies to ascertain the coverage available for all damages and injuries.
  • Analyze the relevant laws and court cases regarding the client’s dog bite claim.
  • Contact the appropriate insurance company regarding the claim and review reasonable settlement options.
  • The personal injury attorney will start trial procedures, including requesting information from the other party, taking depositions, and filing the required motions and briefs if negotiations fail to produce a just and reasonable settlement.
  • Always respond to questions from clients and keep them informed about their dog bite case status.


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Our experienced dog bite lawyers will assess all the factors surrounding your case, ensuring you’re well-informed about your rights and the dog bite accident that impacted your life. Don’t let mounting medical bills and suffering overshadow your well-being. 

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