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What types of injuries can dog bites cause? Dogs are an important and beloved member of the family in many households. Unfortunately, though, even cherished family pets have the potential to bite.

Dog bites and attacks can result in serious injuries as well as complications, including bacterial infections, scars, or disfigurement. Scratches and cuts are examples of minor incidents. Ignorance of dog bites should never be tolerated.

Some of the frequent issues that our firm has run across when assisting victims of dog bites are detailed in this article.


The Most Common Places On The Body For Dog Bites

Dog bites can occur on various body parts, but some areas are more commonly affected than others. The most common places on the body for dog bites include:

  • Hands and fingers
  • Neck and throat
  • Face and head
  • Arms and forearms
  • Legs and thighs
  • Hips

If a dog bites you or someone you know, seek medical attention promptly, as dog bites can lead to infections and other complications. If you are in a situation where you have a dog bite injury caused by a dog attack and are looking for a Las Vegas dog bite lawyer for your case, you may trust us at Dog Bite King Law Group. 

Dog Bite Injuries

What Types of Injuries Can Dog Bites Cause?

Dog bites can cause a wide range of injuries and can take many different forms. To adequately explain your case to the court if a dog bit you and is suing its owners, you must be aware of the type of dog bite injuries you sustained. The most typical injuries are shown here, along with some advice on handling them in various situations.



Abrasions are defined as minor wounds that stay on the surface of your skin, such as scratches and scrapes. Usually, there isn’t much bleeding when you have abrasions from a dog attack, but you can get scars in serious cases. These injuries usually heal at home, but you should visit a doctor to ensure no infections or complications. Furthermore, medical records may be necessary if you file a lawsuit.



Deep tears or cuts in the skin are called lacerations. They penetrate your body’s muscles, nerves, bones, blood vessels, and epidermis. These wounds frequently have zig-zag-like patterns and heavy bleeding. You require medical treatment and stitches to treat lacerations sustained in a dog attack. Avoid attempting to bandage these wounds by yourself using skin repair tape. That could worsen the issue by causing infections.



When the dog’s teeth puncture or pierce your skin, it results in a puncture. Puncture wounds are usually deep but may appear much smaller than lacerations. Even though the bleeding isn’t severe, you should still seek medical assistance because it increases the risk of infection.



Infections result from dog bites in roughly 10-15% of cases. Infections can result from bacteria or germs on your skin, but they also frequently originate from bacteria from your dog’s mouth. It’s crucial to always clean your wounds because of this. It’s also important for you to be aware of the symptoms of infection, which include pus, redness, swelling, and pain. The infected location may occasionally feel warm from a touch. As soon as you see one of these signs, contact a doctor. To treat the infection, they ought to be able to provide you with antibiotics.



Rabies is usually the worst infection that can result from a dog bite. An estimated 50,000 people die from rabieseach year throughout the world. Fortunately, there isn’t much of a concern in the United States. Still, if a careless dog owner lets their pet run amok and bites people, they probably don’t take vaccinations seriously enough.

Determine whether the dog has received a rabies vaccination after being bitten. If you are unsure or the dog isn’t vaccinated, immediately head to an emergency room. They may give specific treatments to you that stop the spread of rabies.

Furthermore, note that symptoms of rabies might appear as soon as a couple of days following a dog attack, but they can also take up to a year to manifest. Usually, tingling surrounding the wound is the initial sign. You can then experience confusion and aggression. In addition, you can have trouble speaking, paralysis, muscle spasms, and sensitivity to loud noises and lights.



Although it is not as common as rabies, tetanus can still happen after exposure to a dog’s bite. Generally, this does not come from the dog’s saliva but from the victim’s skin flora or the environment. If you are concerned about this risk, ask your doctor for a tetanus test and an update on your shots.


Tissue and Muscle Damage

Dog bites can damage underlying tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, leading to potential long-term complications and functional impairment.


Crushing Injuries

Large dogs are typically the target of crushing injuries. With their powerful jaws, large dogs can cause severe injuries to your soft tissues and muscles, crushing, breaking, or shattering your bones. Babies make up around 12% of dog bite-related fatalities, as many dogs have the unfortunate habit of completely crushing their heads.



Avulsion injuries happen when the dog rips or tears skin or tissue off of your body. The word “avulsion” means “ripping or tearing away.” An example of an avulsion injury is when a dog completely rips your ear off your head. These injuries are dangerous. They can cause permanent scarring or other problems and usually require reconstructive surgery.



You may suffer scarring from an avulsion, laceration, or possibly just some deep abrasions. Doctors can use laser therapy or skin grafts to reduce the permanent consequences of scarring. Suppose you have severe scarring that is both embarrassing and socially devastating. In that case, you should speak with a dog bite attorney in Las Vegas regarding getting compensation for your suffering.


Injuries Caused by Familiar Dogs

The injuries you sustain from an assault by your dog are frequently distinct from those you sustain from strays or another person’s dogs. People frequently get bites on their face or neck since they are frequently very near to their dogs. Unfortunately, you usually cannot sue anyone else for injuries you sustain when attacked by your dog.


Injuries Caused by Other Dogs

On the other hand, your hands are typically where other dogs injure you the most. It frequently happens when someone extends their hand to give a strange dog a sniff. With children, there is an exception. Owing to their small stature, unfamiliar and well-known dogs frequently injure children in the face.


Nerve Damage

In the case that the bite penetrates the nerves, nerve damage could occur. It may result in a temporary loss of function or a permanent loss of capacity in that body part, depending on the severity of the injury. Severe nerve damage can result in irreversible paralysis.


Death from Dog Attacks

While rare, some dog bite injuries can lead to fatal outcomes, especially if associated with infection or complications like sepsis.

Minor Injuries from Dog Bites

An infection is the most common result of a dog bite, and these injuries might cause additional minor problems. The majority of injuries from dog bites are pretty minor and can include:

  • Scrapes
  • Rashes
  • Bruising

Even though these injuries may only be minor abrasions, consequences may still arise. A wound that needs to be closed with stitches or staples may be more prone to infection.

Look for signs of infection in any dog bite, such as swelling, redness, pus, and more significant pain around the bite wound area.

Las Vegas Dog Bite Attorney

What to Do If You Have a Dog Bite Injury?

Your next step after a dog bite depends on your injuries’ seriousness.

Treat if minor: It is advisable to seek qualified medical care due to the risk of infection or rabies. Apply standard first aid for emergencies. If the bleeding is not too severe, clean the wound and put a bandage over it.

If you have deep or serious injuries, get medical help right away. Lowering the possibility of infection requires carefully cleaning the wound of any dirt or debris, a process known as debridement of the injury. It is appropriate for a doctor to do this. In addition to other medications, a tetanus vaccination or rabies preventative treatment can be required.

Contact a Las Vegas dog bite attorney: It’s advisable to speak with an attorney immediately after the incident because dog bite cases can be hard to prove and tough to get compensation for. To discover what actions you can take to safeguard your rights, most personal injury attorneys provide a free initial consultation.

For many years, Dog Bite King Law Group has fought for the rights of those dog bite victims. Call our office at (702) 364-2483 to arrange a case review if you have been hurt.