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In the United States, 4.7 million people are attacked by dogs each year, according to the CDC. 800,000 of those incredible bites need medical attention.

Most people enjoy dogs. After all, their unwavering affection and tail-wagging offer us a type of connection unmatched by anything else.

Dogs are instinct-driven animals, though, and we frequently overlook this while talking about them. Although we are familiar with our own personal dogs, we are unable to foresee the behavior of unfamiliar dogs, and dog bites may occur.

You might be considering bringing a dog bite lawsuit if you’ve been bitten. To find out more regarding your legal options following a dog bite, and when should you sue for your dog bite injuries, just keep reading.


Knowing Your Options If You’re Being Bitten or Injured By a Dog

No matter how small or serious the injuries, the dog owner is almost certainly responsible if you are bitten by or harmed by one. This indicates that you are entitled to sue or file a lawsuit and receive financial compensation for your injuries.

But, whether the dog’s owner will be held accountable for the bite ultimately relies mostly on laws within your state. The greatest thing you could do for yourself would be to work with a lawyer who has handled dog bite cases before.

To determine if you should continue a claim but rather file a lawsuit, your attorney will review your case (often without charge). You’ll endure less worry after being bitten by a dog if you have an experienced lawyer on your side.


Knowing Your Rights

Knowing Your Rights

Your state’s laws will determine your rights if you have been bitten by a dog, as was previously stated. The majority of states allow dog owners to be sued if their animals cause them injury.

There are several exceptions to this, though, such as if you provoked that animal, if you really are trespassing when you got bitten, or if you were acquainted with the animal and were aware that it had a history of violence or had previously attacked you or another person.

Your lawyer will typically be able to strike an out-of-court settlement, which means you won’t have to actually go to trial if you can demonstrate that the dog owner is accountable for your injuries. Your potential settlement amount is based on a number of variables.

For instance, if a child gets bitten by a dog, they typically qualify for a greater settlement. That’s because a youngster is more prone to suffer serious injuries and long-lasting emotional damage because of their age and tiny size.

In all of these types of situations, criminal charges may also be raised.


Dog Bite Laws In Las Vegas

The definition of the dog bite statute in the State of Nevada is found in NRS 202.500. The law combines the “one-bite” norm with strict accountability for dog owners.

Which aspect will be applicable depends on the particular circumstances. Whenever a dog attacks someone in Nevada and causes harm, the owner is strictly accountable regardless of whether the attack occurred in a public space or a legally permitted private setting.

In these circumstances, it will not be necessary to establish the elements of common negligence in order to hold the dog owner responsible. It is not necessary for the owner to know if their dog will behave aggressively and start attacking someone.

There are a few exceptions, though. Only when the occurrence takes place in public or if the victim has authorization to be on a third party’s private property does strict liability for dog bites exist.

The “one bite” rule is applicable if indeed the dog bite takes place on private land that the dog’s owner owns, leases, rents, or occupies with the owner’s consent. As a result, the dog bite victim must establish that the dog’s owner knew or ought to have known that his dog could bite or start attacking someone.

Typically, for this to work, the dog must have already displayed dangerous aggressive behavior or started attacking or biting someone. According to this law, a dog can only bite once before the owner is responsible for the dog’s hostility.

It can be challenging to determine which type of responsibility will apply in your situation given the complexity of this statute.


When Is It Appropriate to Sue for Dog Bite Injuries? 

It is not always easy to determine when it is appropriate to sue for dog bite injuries, especially when you or a loved one are the victim of an attack. Dog bites can be serious, leading to physical and emotional scarring and often requiring expensive medical treatment. When someone else’s negligence or carelessness has caused such injuries, it can be tempting to take legal action against them. However, before doing so, it is important to consider whether suing would be the right course of action.

In order to decide if suing for a dog bite injury is the right thing to do, there are some key factors which need to be taken into account. Firstly, it is important to establish who was responsible for the attack – was it the owner of the dog or someone else? If it was the owner, then they may be held liable for any resulting injuries and damages. If, however, another person was responsible, then they may be held accountable instead.

It is also necessary to consider whether or not a complaint should be made directly to the dog owner in question. They may have taken out insurance which could cover costs associated with medical treatment and other costs associated with the incident. Alternatively, if compensation is sought from another person, then a lawsuit may be necessary.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration before suing for a dog bite injury is whether or not there were any witnesses who could corroborate your story and provide evidence that your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Without this evidence, it may be difficult to prove your case in court and, therefore, you may not receive any compensation.

Finally, it is important to remember that taking legal action against someone can result in costly fees and lengthy court proceedings. Therefore, it is essential that you consider all of these factors before deciding whether suing for a dog bite injury would be appropriate in your particular situation.

When faced with a situation where someone else’s negligence has caused you serious injury, such as a dog bite, taking legal action can seem like an attractive option. However, before taking this course of action, it is important to weigh up all of your options carefully and consider all of the factors outlined above in order to determine whether suing would truly be the best course of action in your particular case.

Dog Bite Lawsuit

Should You File A Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Dog bite victims frequently struggle with making the decision of whether or not to sue the dog’s owner to recoup their losses. If the dog bite was severe, you will likely suffer serious losses including medical expenses, lost pay, and perhaps even permanent scarring. It normally makes sense to file a lawsuit in these situations.

Even though the bite was only slight, you might be entitled to compensation. Injuries from dog bites may also result in mental and emotional suffering for which you are entitled to compensation.

Most likely, you won’t need to go to court to get your damages back. Instead, your lawyer will assist you in filing a lawsuit against the dog’s owner’s insurance provider, since most homeowner’s policies include coverage for dog attacks.

Most dog bite lawsuits are resolved outside of court. However, if you and your lawyer are unable to come to an amicable agreement through negotiations with an insurance company, you might need to launch a lawsuit.

It’s crucial to have a lawyer who is willing to go to trial in this circumstance.


How Should You Prepare for Filing a Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit?

It is important to act quickly if you have been the victim of a dog bite injury. Depending on your state’s laws, you typically only have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit. In some cases, you may only have one year to file a lawsuit after the injury has occurred. For this reason, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. A qualified attorney can help you understand the time limits for filing a dog bite lawsuit in your state, as well as provide you with the advice and assistance you need to ensure that your rights are protected.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for filing a dog bite injury lawsuit:

1. Gather Evidence – Collecting evidence is an essential step in preparing for litigation. This can include medical records, photographs of the injury, witness statements, and any other relevant documents. Make sure you retain all of this information safely as it could be used in court. 

2. Retain a Dog Bite Injury Attorney – It is highly advisable to hire an experienced dog bite injury lawyer to represent your case. They will be able to provide guidance throughout the legal process and advise on how best to proceed with your claim. 

3. Prepare Your Statement – Before appearing in court, it is important that you prepare your statement thoroughly and accurately explain what happened during the incident. Include any details that might help support your claim such as when and where the attack occurred, the severity of the injury, and any medical treatments that were necessary following the attack. 

4. Seek Damages – When filing a dog bite injury lawsuit, it’s important to know what kind of damages you’re seeking. This could include compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to time off work, pain and suffering, property damage caused by the animal attack or any other costs associated with the incident. 

By taking these steps before beginning proceedings on a dog bite injury lawsuit, you can ensure that your case has the best chance at success. Don’t hesitate to get started today if you’ve been hurt by a canine attack – taking action now will ensure justice is served for your particular situation!



It can be challenging to decide whether to sue a pet owner for their animal’s actions, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that if a dog bite causes you harm, you have the right to justice. If the owner won’t negotiate an out-of-court settlement, then filing a lawsuit might be the only choice to take in control. Knowing that you are acting in your best interest and that you have the right to seek compensation for the harm suffered can help you get through the emotionally challenging and lengthy procedure.


Speaking With a Dog Bite Lawyer After a Dog Bite

Whether you were injured by someone else’s dog or if you were the dog’s owner, you should think about speaking with such a personal injury lawyer to see how local laws relate to your case and the best course of action.

On the owner’s side, when the authorities have begun the process of declaring your dog dangerous, you might want to speak with either an animal law attorney so you can find out what you should do to avoid a negative conclusion, such as having your dog impounded and put down. And you’d be wise to contact a criminal defense attorney who could help protect your rights if there’s any chance that you could face criminal charges if your dog seriously hurt or killed someone.

The attorneys at Dog Bite King Law Group are aware that even the smallest dog bites can cause victims to suffer from long-lasting or irreversible mental or emotional trauma. After all, we are for your safety during such distress you felt from a dog bite accident. During this delicate time, our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that you receive compensation for your losses and are shielded from the careless dog owner’s insurance provider.

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